Blog change announcement


Good day everyone! Just some news about changes to the blog.

Starting with the obvious, the name “We don’t need roads” is no more. Some of you may wonder why the blog was named “We don’t need roads”. For those who didn’t get the reference, this line came from the 1985 film “Back to the Future 2” which is a movie about a time travelling duo named Doc Emmett L. Brown and a teenager named Marty Mcfly. The name is simply too long for memory which is the reason for the name change.

What has changed:
Blog name and website links.

The blog name has been changed to “De minimis” which is latin for “about minimal things.” This name highlights the simplistic and lighthearted nature of the blog articles and is short enough to stick to memory.

What isn’t changing:
The blog articles and the overall theme of the blog.

The entire blog has been moved to a new website which is easier to navigate with a better interface. All the previous blog articles have also been moved to the new site, so if you want to re-visit the previous articles, you may still view them over there.

Thank you to all readers and more content will be uploaded soon!




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